Clarified: The Point Where Money Finally Surpasses Time

The ultimate goal of attaining financial independence is to gain freedom – the freedom from having to trade away our limited time on Earth solely for income, and the freedom to instead spend our time according to meaning and purpose.

Financial Independence provides lasting security so that money facilitates living fully rather than dictating it. While wealth allows transcending financial concerns, true liberation lies in using our time for deeper fulfillment beyond what money alone can offer.

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While I have evolved in the world of SEO, this original belief is still at the core of my operation.

There was some confusion surrounding the original Setting Points tagline.  So in 2023, what do we do when we need something answered? We ask ChatGPT!  Sorry Google, we want answers not a list of references.

Ask the famed philosopher to explain

“The Point Where Money Finally Surpasses Time

My esteemed colleagues, we gather here today to discuss fundamental truths about the human condition. Let us reflect on the transience of time and the permanence of wealth.

Sands of Time

Time is finite and fleeting. The sands in the hourglass fall one by one until none remain, ticking by relentlessly regardless of our desires or accomplishments. Time cannot be slowed, rewound, or recaptured once lost. It marches ever onward toward entropy and heat death. No man leaves this world having kept a single moment for himself.

Money, on the other hand, persists beyond mortal lifetimes. Amassed wealth passes from generation to generation, transcending the ephemeral now. Coins and notes continue in circulation long after their issuers have turned to dust. Cold hard cash retains its value and utility long after the hands that first held it have faded from memory.

So at what point does money truly eclipse time? When does the pursuit of wealth begin to consume more hours than remain? When the toll of long hours spent and youth sacrificed to increase one’s net worth exceeds the increase itself? When one looks back on a life spent accumulating possessions that will outlive you rather than experiences and relationships that live only in memory?

That, my dear colleagues, is the point where money finally surpasses time. When maximizing material gain becomes more important than making the most of our limited time on Earth. In that exchange, we always come out the poorer.

Let that be a cautionary tale, a lesson in priorities. For whatever we gain in wealth, we risk losing joy, love, and the richness of human connection. Time is more precious than treasure, for it holds a beauty that no amount of money can buy.

In the end, all we own is this fleeting moment. Let us resolve to spend what remains wisely, and not fritter it away in the vain pursuit of profit that vanishes the instant we depart this mortal coil.

Truly Not my Intention with this tagline.  Maybe I have it backward. So I asked my famed philosopher to answer this

“The Point Where Time Finally Surpasses Money

My dear colleagues, the relationship between time and money is a complex one. At first glance, money seems to have the upper hand. It persists beyond our lifetimes while time is fleeting. Yet upon deeper reflection, we see that time holds ultimate sovereignty. Time is the basis of all value.

Money | Setting Points

Money is a human invention, a social construct that only has meaning within the context of human lives and relationships. Without conscious beings experiencing the passage of time, the currency would be meaningless scribbles on paper. Money derives its value from what it allows us to do with our time – pursue meaningful activities, connect with others, and fulfill human needs and desires.

When we sacrifice too much time in the pursuit of wealth, we realize money’s inferiority. As I stated earlier, what we truly own is this moment. When the accumulation of money begins to crowd out cherished human experiences, we recognize time’s supremacy.

So the point where time finally surpasses money is when we choose to use our wealth to redeem and enrich our lives. When we spend money to purchase more time for what truly matters – relationships, personal growth, giving back to others, and experiencing life’s beauty. When we realize amassing a fortune for fortune’s sake leads to emptiness investing our time and resources in loving others and leaving the world a little better brings deep fulfillment.

Money then becomes a tool to maximize the value of our limited time, not an end in itself. We realize the futility of hoarding wealth we cannot enjoy during our short lives on earth. And we resolve instead to make the most of the time we have been given, spending it and ourselves wisely in service of higher truths and human goods that endure long after currency loses its meaning.

That, my dear friends, is the point where time truly surpasses money – when we use wealth as a means to a greater end: loving well, living fully, and leaving a legacy of goodness that outlives us all.

Definitely not where I was going with this.  But it was an interesting thought.  So Artificial Intelligence still has a few things to learn about us humans. 

So I rephrased my original tagline with the context that I intended.  

Now consider this The Point Where Money Finally Surpasses Time is when you finally have enough money to outlast your time,  I even got a Kudo from AI – You make a good point. Here is how I might frame that idea from a philosophical perspective:

“The Point Where Money Finally Surpasses Time

The ultimate goal of accumulating wealth is financial independence – the ability to outlast one’s own time. To have enough money and resources one no longer needs to trade away precious hours working for money. Where income exceeds expenses and savings continue to grow beyond what is needed for a comfortable lifestyle.

I have a dream

In this state of “having enough,” money finally transcends time. It frees us from being beholden to the clock – the tyranny of the 9 to 5 and the hurried pace of working life. We no longer scramble just to make ends meet but gain the leisure and security to truly live our lives as we see fit.

Work then becomes an avocation, not an obligation. An activity is pursued because it brings meaning, not merely income. Savings become a safety net, not a scorecard. Wealth liberates us to spend time according to passion, not monetary necessity.

In this sense, money does finally “outlast” time. It provides lasting financial security, detaching us from the rat race and allowing time to be filled with self-directed activities of meaning and value. Money transcends its purpose as a time-purchasing mechanism and becomes a catalyst for deeper human flourishing.

But we must be wary of money becoming an end in itself. Financial Independence is a means to an end – reclaiming our time and lives for more meaningful pursuits. If wealth continues to dominate one’s thoughts and actions even after basic needs are met, then true liberation has not yet been found. Time still waits to be redeemed.

So while accumulating enough money to outlast one’s time represents an important philosophical milestone, it must ultimately give way to time reasserting its supremacy – through love, learning, growth, and service that money could only facilitate, but never replace.

Well said.

Too many people are trapped living paycheck to paycheck. 

Life has no meaning for them outside of work. Stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and lack of control are our constant companions. People deserve more from life. The desire for financial security and stability is what we want. Yet for those struggling just to cover bills and expenses, the grind never ends. Time slips away while monetary needs only increase.

Welcome to The Gray Apocalypse

At Setting Points, I am dedicated to assisting everyone in this situation to become financially stable, so that they can live their life as if money will take care of itself.  Which it will, through a dedicated effort within affiliate marketing. 

Setting Points together, when Money Will Surpass Time.

Founder, Setting Points

Don Dixon
Don Dixon

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