Who Am I & Why I Started Setting Points…

My Story

With over 30 years in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Operations, Management, Training, and Website Development, I have a lot of experience to draw upon for running and creating successful businesses. I am also married (40+ Years), a father, and a homeowner. This means that if it doesn’t work or breaks, I fix it!

I have spent my entire life, trying to save money by spending time. Which means that I fixed it.

Call me resourceful. This approach attempted to save me money by doing it myself. Those who are frugal like this may be savvy about saving money for themselves. All too often though, many like me are not. The Gray Apocalypse is real. Nearly 80% of Americans are underfunded for retirement.

My Blog

So I started Setting Points for people (like me) who are 50+ and desire to escape the cycle of a Just Over Broke (JOB) lifestyle, create a retirement nest egg, or supplement their income once in retirement. The original tagline for Setting Points:

“The Point Where Money Surpasses Time”

… is still the overall guiding philosophy of Setting Points.

I will show you how to use your life experiences to create a profitable niche blog that generates passive income through affiliate marketing.

Unlike other blogs that only teach you how to blog, with Setting Points I also share my real-life stories, challenges, and successes while on this mission to blog my way toward retirement. Setting Points is not just a blog, but a journey that you can join and learn from.

In addition, Setting Points also provides you with the best tools and resources that will help you start and grow your niche blog. You’ll get access to the Wealthy Affiliate Program, an AI-infused online platform offering training, hosting, support, and a community for aspiring and experienced affiliate marketers alike. You’ll also find various useful, tried, and tested, tools like Grammarly, RankMath, Buffer, and more, which will help you with reading, writing, SEO, social media, and other aspects of blogging.

Don’t let your retirement dreams turn into a nightmare. Follow Setting Points today and discover how niche blogging and affiliate marketing can help you achieve financial freedom and happiness through the blogs you build.

My Life

I am not just the founder, but a client as well. Consider my case, I found myself within ten years of retirement and Just Over Broke (JOB). My savings would not last longer than I will live, nor will they support my lifestyle at a level to which I am accustomed. Time to Set Some New Points… I obviously needed extra retirement income.

I have lived my life by the “Golden Rule”. I always made a point of helping whenever possible. Spent my time helping others. I spent every day learning something new. Learning is living. What is the point of living, if you are not learning something new? Yet here I am. Staring out across the abyss. Looking for a way to make ends meet, now and beyond. Where is that extra retirement income coming from?

Staring Across the Abyss

What Are You Thinking?

You watch all of those “Side Hustle” Videos (ads paid for btw), promoting a million ways to put money in their pockets. Side Hustles and Funnel Tossing will not create much of a business for you. But what if you were to tap into all of your personal knowledge? What are you passionate about? What do you really want to pass on to the next generation? What if you could find a way to monetize that? This is where your real future income stream lies.

So you think… What do I have to offer the next generation? A Father Knows Best saying “Do as I say, and NOT as I Do!” I also have all of the knowledge that I have accumulated. Treasures and tidbits from more interesting positions, conferences, and events that I have planned, organized, and attended, But I recently heard it put very succinctly, Money Follows Mastery. Let me repeat this… Money Follows Mastery. Think about it for a minute. Ask me if you don’t understand.

Setting Another Point – I am a master of many things, knowledge-wise. My current leadership position is simply passing my knowledge along to the next person in line. It is time to monetize my knowledge.

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing

And a Warm Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate.

Hear That Song? “Money for Nothing”

As you browse Wealthy Affiliate, can you almost hear Dire Straits playing in the background, “Money for nothing and your clicks for free”? While the lyrics don’t fully fit, the sentiment of making money effortlessly certainly does.

Setting Points is where I document my journey at Wealthy Affiliate, and how this platform has truly helped me start making money doing what I enjoy online. Far from “nothing,” I’m leveraging my lifetime of knowledge and experiences into a profitable niche blog.

But this isn’t just about my story – it’s about yours too. Through Setting Points, I want to pass on what I’ve learned so far so you can explore if niche blogging might be the extra retirement income idea you’ve been dreaming of.

No experience is needed to join me on this path. My blog bridges the gap between dreaming of a financially free future and actually taking that first step. Come learn alongside me in reareal-time I turn passions into paychecks through the magic of affiliate marketing. Have you heard that song yet? Soon, it could be your story’s soundtrack too.

It Is Your Future

So, what would it take to become comfortable? Stress-free? What is your goal? Set the Point… With Affiliate Marketing your goal can be a reality.

Unfortunately, time is no longer a luxury we can afford to waste. We are not as young as we once were. By spending only what can be comfortably paid off at the end of each month, life is running out of months. Let me show you how to make it past this last hurdle. We can do this together. Knowledge is Power.

Your Knowledge is Invaluable

Let me guide you away from the abyss. Let me introduce you to the Wealthy Affiliate.

Let us Set the Point.

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